Carp fishing ... the story. 

I’m Mirko. I am fishing since childhood, in fact I am fishing since I can remember (I am 34 now). I mainly hunt the wild waters,  mostly carp. I love fishing so much, that when I am not by the river,I am thinking about it. Carp rods, carp fishing rigs, and carp fishing in general are on my mind more than anything else ! I don't fish three-season, winter carp fishing is great, too, so there is no bad weather to fish ! So I decided to make this website and share some carp fishing tips and my fishing adventures with world. But we will go beyond fishing - I will mention some valuable camping gear, too.

Fishing is not an escape for me, it’s where I belong.

Fishing is not an escape for me, it’s where I belong.

We live in an era when the pace of life is fast, so fishing and relax in nature are the only thing that keeps the balance for me. I think that the combination of man and nature is the essential thing for a healthy man’s life in present-day conditions.

On these pages I’ll try to help you with equipment selection, as well as walk you through some new adventures and strategies in fishing. My recommendations won’t be just rods and reels – it would be good books, camping stuff and everything that can make your outdoor fishing experience better.

I hope I will bring some guests and make some quality interviews about fishing, so we all can learn something new. This is my goal – to learn every day something new !

I hope you will find something valuable for you on these pages.

Lets make some new fishing memories !

Welcome !